Eksekutif Produser : Harun Nurasyid
Produser : Pongki Barata
Co-produser: Tommy Widodo, Ryan Nugroho, Koko Chandradinata, Tyo Adrian, Suryanto.
Mastering by : Stephan Santoso @Slingshot studio
Cover photo : Baim
Aji Mirza Hakim courtesy of Apro Music
Mike Mohede courtesy of Pro M
Rio Febrian courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia
Baim courtesy of Nagaswara
Blink courtesy of Entri Rajawali Indonesia
Kotak Band courtesy of Warner Music Indonesia
Lea Simanjuntak courtesy of Namora records
Endah N Rhesa courtesy of Reiproject
Tulus courtesy of Musik Tulus
Astrid courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia
Photo artists: private collections


Pongki Barata would like to thanks:

Jesus Christ my source of energy, Sophie Navita the love of my life, Rangga Namora and Radya Tuaro you are the reason I’m doing this, Ibuku, almBapak, my big family, all the stars that have shared their super talent on this album, I can’t thank u enough, God bless u all, my co-producers thank you for the time and the energy throughout the process of this album, my super band and team: The Dance Company, larislanggeng legend! And finally to all the fans out there who still think that my music is a part of their life..thank you so much!!


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